Why Bodybuilders Should Replace Anadrol With Androlone Elite Series From Crazymass

The Androlone Elite Series formula from Crazymass offers a safe alternative to taking Anadrol for anybody who wants to pack on lean muscle quickly and

effectively. This powerful strength and bulking agent promotes oxygen delivery to the muscles, improves nitrogen retention and promotes lean muscle

formation without the dangerous side effects associated with pure anabolic steroid use. The formula is safe, legal and available without a

prescription from a physician.

Anadrol is a synthetic derivative of testosterone and is classified as an anabolic steroid. Bodybuilders have been using and abusing this drug for

decades, despite the potentially dangerous side effects associated with its use. When prescribed for medicinal purposes, the dosage is between 100 and

150 mg per day but some bodybuilders have reported taking as much as six times that amount, which greatly increases the risk of negative side effects,

including liver and heart damage.


Andralone mimics the effects of Anadrol without any negative impact on the liver or heart. The company that makes it has been in business since 2006.

All manufacturing methods comply fully with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations overseen by the US Food and Drug Administration. This

means consumers can purchase and use this product with confidence that they are not putting their health at risk.


One way that Andralone aids in building lean muscle is by stimulating the production of red blood cells, which play an important role in delivering

oxygen to every part of the body, including the muscles. Muscle cells require oxygen to manufacture energy in the form of ATP. This happens through a

process called cellular respiration.


Because the muscles are working harder during a workout, they demand more oxygen. The body compensates with increased respiration and heart rate. When

the muscles run out of oxygen during a workout session, they produce lactic acid instead of energy and go into an anaerobic state. This leads to

fatigue and a decrease in power. With more red blood cells available to deliver oxygen to the muscles, they are able to keep working longer allowing

you to get more out of your training session.


Oxygen is just as important after a workout because it restores ATP levels in the muscles and aids the liver in converting lactic acid to simple

sugars. This is crucial for the recovery process that prepares the body for the next workout session.  By supplementing your diet with Androlone, you

recover faster allowing you to increase your workout frequency.


Androlone also plays a role in improving the retention of nitrogen, which is a chemical found in protein. By maintaining a positive nitrogen balance,

your muscles have the building blocks they need to grow. With a positive nitrogen balance, the body retains more protein than it excretes or uses for



Customer testimonials cite gains in strength, energy, recovery and pumps with some reporting muscle gains of up to 20 lbs of lean muscle mass after

the first cycle. This powerful formula works great on its own but it also a great stacking formula. The effects are even more staggering when stacked

with Decadrolone, T-bal75 or D-Anaoxn, all available from Crazymass.